Welcome to Ardania! It is a kingdom with a long proud history. The portraits of a long line of monarchs hangs in the halls of the palace, each one associated with great deeds: the defeat of a great dragon, the routing of an aggressive family of ogres, the elimination and taming of a horde of wolves, the retrieval of a great artifact, and on and on. They made possible decades of peace and prosperity under the last king but one, King Richard.

When young James took the throne upon the death of his elderly father, he looked over a land without werewolves, dragons, ogres, or, in fact, major threats of any kind. He was assured by his knights and wizards that there were no monsters left anywhere in the land, and that the people were safe and at peace. The King looked forlornly at the portraits of the great kings, and realized that he would never be remembered for anything other than continuing the peace his father had established, unless some monster appeared, but no monsters had been seen for decades, and the situation seemed hopeless.

The King wisely called upon his wizards and told them, “Summon me a demon that will terrorize the citizenry for a while, and then I shall smite it and be remembered as the demon-killer!” The wizards said, “What a brilliant plan, Your Majesty!” and began researching an appropriate summoning ritual.

The ritual worked; the wizards opened a portal to hell, and in walked a king among demons. He was well-suited to terrorizing the citizenry, and started by killing the young King, his wizards, his knights, all his guards, and all but one of his advisers, and setting himself up in the palace. For the last 7 years, the demon has been fulfilling King James’ wildest dreams, returning ogres to the hills, werewolves to the forest, and dragons to the mountains, opening up all kinds of opportunities for heroism.

The one surviving adviser has been combing the land, searching for the last heir to the throne. At last, after years of searching, he has found (him/her)! And now, (he/she) and (his/her) friends are called upon by fate and history to reverse the … uh … inadvertent mistake of the late King James the Demon-Caller, and restore peace and prosperity to the kingdom.

Information to come on the wiki.

Reclaiming Ardania